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Market Consultation Notice To Identify Potential Technical, Financial or Contractual Solutions For the Urban Display System in the Municipality of Timisoara

TIMPARK – Local Public Service for the Administration of Public Car Parks in Timisoara;

Address: Splaiul Nicolae Titulescu nr. 10, postal code 300158, Timișoara, Timiș

Internet address where information on the market consultation process is published:

Urban advertising is one of the most used ways of communication and there are opinions that it is sometimes a source of problems and should be removed from the public space.

Proper use of urban advertising brings visual beauty and diversity to the urban space and can also be a source of revenue for the municipality to provide better public services.

At present, urban billboards in the Municipality of Timisoara are exclusively print-based, placed in fixed, window displays. This method makes it difficult to manage these info points and the interaction with the viewer is low.

The 21st century is the century of the information revolution, and the variety of means of communication is one of the properties of these times.

To increase the advertising impact and exposure, the Municipality of Timisoara needs modern, digital city light boards. This is meant to enhance the methods of communication, improving the display of information of public interest (social, cultural, medical, educational).

The Public Service of Local Interest for the Administration of Public Car Parks in the Municipality of Timisoara – TIMPARK manages and maintains the existing street display mediums.

The locations where the municipality intends to install several City Lights (41) and Advertising Column (6) equipment have been identified and are presented in Annexes 1 and 2.

The present market consultation aims to receive from companies, operating in the specific market, proposals for offers/suggestions/recommendations/technical solutions containing detailed technical specifications on installation service options, technical supervision, content management, various equipment management, maintenance, rental arrangements (technical, software, hardware).

The purpose of this consultation is but is not limited to, finding potential technical, financial or contractual solutions to meet the contracting authority’s needs and issues related to the contracting strategy.

The mandatory conditions to be respected are:

– The location of the equipment will be in the locations shown in Annex 1

– Minimum (H=200cm, W=120cm) / maximum (H=230cm, W=140cm) dimensions of the display equipment.

– A maximum of 15% of the content will be presented free of charge, reserved for the display of information of public interest.

– Screens must have a clear image, accessible to all viewers from varying distances.

Deadline for the consultation process: 30.06.2022

For further information, please contact:

Economic operators responding to the contracting authority’s invitation should send their proposals by email to:

The contracting authority may organise individual or joint meetings or open events for interested persons/organisations to discuss their opinions, suggestions, recommendations, or topics of general interest used in the attribution procedure. The contracting authority may take account of the opinions, suggestions or recommendations received, if it considers them relevant.

Anexa 1

Anexa 2

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